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Seema Gorowara

Seema Gorowara
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Seemaji is an excellent therapist, she connects with me very well, she understands me so well, I absolutely love her energy. Her energy is so positive and healing, I always get freshen up in her association.
She is so good in her work, she has a lot of empathy and also understands the psychology of her clients so well, she gives her everything while treating her clients.
She is filled with so much of positivity that I get happy being in her presence every time.
She is my Angel, my fairy Godmother sent by Krishna, I am very very thankful and grateful to her.
Seemaji has a helped me with a lot of mental blocks and traumas, she has helped me with my Guitar playing, she has made me realize that I am so talented, she has made me realized my worth and value and also she is very kind hearted.
I wish the very best to Seemaji my Prayers, Blessings and Good wishes are always with her, may Krishna Bless her with lots of Prosperity happiness and great Health and Wealth.

Twinkle | July 10, 2023

Seema is such a beautifully intelligent and empathic soul , it radiates in the healing work she does via EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. She's helped me release immense physical pain & emotional trauma. I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She's your go-to practitioner. The world needs to experience more of Seema's healing energies !!

Huzaifah | June 19, 2023

I almost never write reviews but this one really needs to be there as it may help someone like me. Seema was literally God sent for me. What i experienced with her is not short of a miracle. I had a traumatic memory that i was holding on to for more than 20 years and she helped me resolve it in just one session. and by the end of it i could not even believe it. Even amazing was my second experience where i wasnt able to physically do something because of what someone said 6 years ago. She reimprinted that memory and i was almost shocked when i could actually do what i wasnt able to do since last 6 years. Its hard to explain but i couldnt even believe it after 3/4 days although i would test daily if i can still do it or not. During the sessions i literally felt she is reading my mind at times. I really really recommend her. If there is any memory or issues from past, any kind of beliefs or feelings that arent positive, dont try to suppress them or live with them. Get those resolved and live with a healthy emotional state. So 10 stars if i could give those. Thankyou sooooo much Seema.

abida | June 16, 2023

Seema is a wonderful and excellent EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. She has worked with me on various issues and helped me a lot. She is very intuitive, patient and very easy to open up to and has helped me to get to my core issues and resolve them. I feel so much more relaxed and see a shift in me on matters which I thought I could not resolve. She has helped me so amazingly with physical pain too. I am so grateful and blessed to have her as a friend and practitioner. I am having this miraculous journey with her. Thank you so much Seema

Rukshan Gotla | October 4, 2022

Seema is an excellent EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner. She has helped me to resolve anxiety-related issues. She is very patient and friendly which makes one comfortable enough to open up . Her direct but non-judgemental manner made hard topics easier to address head-on, which I really needed and appreciated. Reliably astute observations allowed me to really stop and consider my perspectives in a way I hadn't before. I am happy to say that my sessions with Seema has been incredibly helpful. Forever Grateful ! :)

Ayushi Bhotika | September 20, 2022

We both, myself and Seema had been colleagues first and now very close friends... post Covid2019, I was going through serious health issues, due to Parathyroid Adenoma...this not only resulted in hyperventilation and tetany, which are the physical manifestations of the disease but set me into deep depression....it was one such day, she had called to check on me and through tapping exercises over the phone, she significantly reduced my hyperventilation, and taught me how to control myself and heal myself using the tapping technique...I'm forever grateful to her, for being by my side and constantly encouraged and counselled me that I can heal myself, only by letting go of my negativity which will in turn, to a large extent help me to control my current situation...thank you so much for being by my side and being my friend in the true sense....I'm much better, not cured since the tumor is very much there...but try to control the extenuating circumstances using the tapping method...
Thanks once again, and all the very best for all you future endeavors...
Love, Irene

Irene Ray | September 8, 2022

Seema is one of the best EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioners I have worked with. She is brilliant at finding core issues and limiting beliefs which block you from reaching your goals and thriving in every area of your life.
She is inspiring and able to help you find your own wisdom about the most suitable way for you to feel at your best.
Book your sessions with Seema today! You will be glad.

Nela Chicoine | September 7, 2022

Seema has always been there for me when I needed her and has given me many EFT sessions which has helped me in my physical pain amongst other issues and has done matrix reiimprinting within these sessions. Seema is a very intuitive practitioner who has the art of reaching to the root of the issue which helped in bringing a shift in my outlook. Thank you Seema🤗🙏

Dipti Bhatt | September 7, 2022

Seema is a practitioner with empathy. She very patiently listened to my emotional distress. Thank you Seema for releasing all the pain. I have not been so happy in years. Gratitude Universe for connecting me to her.

Kavita Budhiraja | September 5, 2022

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