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Diksha Wadhwa


Diksha is a healer. She uses a variety of modalities that she has

learned, practiced, and mastered. She ensures that she adds value to

anyone who connects with her.


She found her calling to help individuals in making their lives more

meaningful. When she set out towards personal development and

emotional mastery, she landed at an EFT workshop (Emotional Freedom

Technique). It was a profound experience that opened new portals for her.

This made her put her whole life into perspective. She understood how who

we are today is a result of deep-rooted childhood belief systems &

patterns that shape and guide the trajectory of our lives.

Today, she finds immense joy in working with children and ensuring that

their lives are carefully crafted with love, that elevates and empowers

them to live a fulfilled life. She has made special efforts to ensure that

children learn to effectively deal with their emotions, cope with peer

pressure, expectations from near and dear ones, respond positively to

authority, utilize freedom effectively, and craft the lives of their dreams. It

is her mission to reach out to as many children as possible and empower

them to live a life filled with joy, which is their true essence.