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EFTMRA India - A brief Introduction

In recent years, in India, it was becoming evident that there was a distinct lack of Internationally Certified Practitioners of Emotional Freedom Technique, popularly referred to as EFT or Tapping. EFT is a non invasive method of addressing various emotional issues faced by us in recent times be it Stress, Depression, Traumas of different kinds, Worry, Fear etc. The list is virtually endless.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a clinically proven technique, was founded in the 1990s by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, who worked for the founder of Thought Field Therapy, Dr. Roger Callahan, an American psychologist, with a focus on anxiety, who was also aware of the meridian systems and the field of applied kinesiology. Gary Craig developed the Emotional Freedom Technique from Thought Field Therapy and aimed to make improvements in his field with this sort of therapy.

Karl Dawson, (eftmracourses.com), one of only 28 Founding Masters of EFT – was trained and conferred this title by Gary Craig – is the Founder of EFTMRA U.K., which has authorized EFTMRA India to train practitioners for internationally recognized certification in the practice of EFT.

EFTMRA India-Creating Internationally Accredited Practitioners

EFTMRA India, is the only internationally accredited certifying academy in India by  EFTMRA U.K. We follow a very transparent, simple and easy process of training and mentoring aspiring practitioners to learn, practice and qualify as honest, committed and capable EFT practitioners in this proven method of healing and bringing about emotional wellbeing to those in need.

EFTMRA India regularly conducts training programs in – Emotional Freedom Technique that prepare participants to successfully qualify and receive internationally recognized certification in an easy, simple and transparent way. They are also encouraged to constantly evolve themselves through personal professional development programs and regular swap sessions that interactively hone their skills. We are a community of EFT practitioners trained and  certified by EFTMRA India and EFTMRA U.K – The Best Emotional Freedom Technique Academy and qualified trainers who support, mentor and develop practitioners to empower them and become the best in this chosen field.

Our aim is to spread the magic of EFT to all parts of India and spread this valuable skill and knowledge for the greater good of humanity

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that connects people with their past traumas and core beliefs and elegantly enables them to transform them into supportive platforms for their lives. Whereas EFT is like watching a movie, matrix reimprinting is like being in a play. The power of our belief systems is undoubtable. Our beliefs shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality. If we can change our beliefs, well, we can change anything!

What do you believe about yourself? Do you believe you are good looking?  Healthy?  Weak? Is the world a safe or dangerous place? Our beliefs are the glasses of which we view life through. We have thousands of them which we hold in our subconscious mind. Many will be supportive, but we will also have formed beliefs from past events in our lives that can create a whole host of problems. You have two minds. The conscious mind is the one that is conscious of itself, the one we make our New Year goals with, it holds our wishes and desires, it’s creative and not time-dependent.

The subconscious on the other hand contains all the programs of everything you’ve ever learnt; from brushing your teeth, walking, making a phone call to the programs of whether it feels safe to be in a romantic relationship, or if a certain animal has a reaction attached to it (phobia). Will power alone does not change these programs and beliefs. A traumatic event is live in the subconscious. Science now proves that our subconscious mind is 95% more powerful than the conscious mind.

Matrix Reimprinting is a bridge between the two minds and has helped thousands of people find the root causes of old patterns and beliefs by reimprinting events that are stored in their subconscious.

Karl Dawson is the Creator of Matrix Reimprinting.


Our Team



                  Mridula Nair – Master Trainer, Head of EFTMRA India – EFT 1, 2 & 3 & Matrix Reimprinting

EFT Trainer

Dr. Shilpa Gupta – Trainer EFT 1, 2 & 3


Leena R Haldar – Trainer EFT 1, 2 & 3


Diksha Wadhwa – Trainer EFT 1, 2 & 3


Divya Srivastava – Trainer EFT 1, 2 & 3

Held by Mridula in Bangalore

Held by Leena in Mumbai

Held by Dr. Shilpa Gupta in New Delhi

Held by Divya Srivastava in Mumbai

About EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Courses

Tapping is based on the same theory as Chinese acupuncture: that our body has a pathway of energy channels called meridian lines which carry energy through our system. Through the work of Dr Roger Callahan and Gary Craig we now know that tapping on the ends of these meridians (which correlate to specific organs in the body) reduces the fight or flight response, whether the trigger is real or imagined.

Meet Samantha. When she was 15 she was attacked by a man who had red facial hair. Afterwards, every time she saw a man with red facial hair, her body would go into the fight or flight response. If she was walking down a road and a man with red facial hair came towards her, she would shake. Red facial hair meant danger and the energy in her body changed accordingly.

In essence, with tapping, we verbally and energetically tune in to an issue – emotional, physical, mental or spiritual – and tap on several different acupoints on the body whilst repeating a reminder phrase about the issue. This then reduces the fight or flight signal from the brain and results in emotional and cognitive shifts. In this way, EFT brings together the ancient wisdom of the East about the energy of the body and modern psychology and neurology. Hence the umbrella term ‘Energy Psychology’.

Extract from the book, ‘Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life. EFT Tapping with Matrix Reimprinting’
Karl Dawson & Kate Marillat

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Course fees EFT 1&2 Rs. 50000, Matrix Reimprinting Rs. 65000