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Leena R Haldar



Leena Haldar, an interior designer by profession, designing premium homes and projects for the hospitality industry, builders, corporate offices in India, Dubai and Africa. She also developed curriculum and taught generic skills at the Rizvi College of Hotel Management for few years. 

With over a decade of experience under her professional belt as a wellness-enhancer and life-coach, she helped elevate the lives of over 1000-plus students and clients in a slew of 150- plus workshops, covering a range of wellness issues.

Her quest to evolve and learn led her to attend multiple workshops like Shamanism, Vedanta, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, essential oils, sacred oils, Knowing Your Inner Child by Trisha Caetenho and The Journey Healing Seminar among others.

As her journey continued, she became passionate about teaching and coaching. This prompted her to become a licensed professional from Hay House, USA (‘Heal Your Life’), Mid- brain activation trainer and a Law of Attraction trainer.

In 2014 Leena was diagnosed with Breast cancer. This led to great spiritual acceleration in her journey she worked on healing at all levels namely, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She learnt and got certified in even deeper emotional work. Today she is an E.F.T practitioner, Magnified Healing Master Teacher, an NLP practitioner and a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

She also has multiple coaching certifications namely a Breakthrough with NLP coach, A Divine Living Coach and A Heal Your Life coach.

Leena has gained recognition for her transformational workshops that correct dysfunctional behaviour, weed out psychological hiccups and help individuals to become self-reliant, take ownership of their lives, becoming the best version of themselves in the process.

Students, couples, entrepreneurs, luminaries from the film fraternity, doctors, psychologists and other professionals have been the beneficiaries of her expertise as a mentor.

Holding non-judgemental space as a mentor, her workshops have tackled issues such as women-centric challenges, stress-relief, and others. Apart from customised workshops and corporate seminars.

Leena also specifically addresses the needs of organisations by providing one-on-one coaching sessions for staff.

Presently, she shines forth as a cancer- winner, regarding that tryst with trauma as a “blessing in disguise and learning experience.” Extending her empathy to the cancer-stricken classes, she green-lighted   an initiative named ‘Canservelove’ in October 2019. The fortnightly wellness programmes of ‘Canservelove’ deliver much-needed guidance for cancer-patients, survivors and care-givers.

Her workshops, tweaked deftly within permissible and flexible limits have earned Leena her own brand of commerce and clout, apart from ensuring repeat clients.

Leena has conducted workshops for underprivileged cancer patients in Hindi. 

One of her major thrusts is getting emotional wellness to be inculcated in schools, so that anxiety and depression can be nipped in the bud. And empowering school-going children would result in the making of emotionally stable adults in the future. She has launched recently “Project Wabi Ssabi” with this intent.

Described heartily as ” warm, caring, nurturing and knowledgeable in her field” by students and clients, Leena uses examples, metaphors and stories, apart from borrowing heavily from her own experiences to embellish her teachings, thereby getting her messages across more effectively