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Ashwini Vijay Kumar

Ashwini Vijay Kumar
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I’m amazed , on hindsight, how fortunate I was to take EFT sessions from Ashwini especially when I think of how close I came to deciding against it, considering it as another desperate attempt by me to feel better.

I ‘ve suffered from anxiety and depression for years and tried several different treatments from the most scientific Cognitive Behavior therapy on one end of the spectrum to spirituality on the other end. These gave me some relief but the benefits were still marginal and limited . As usual I landed up blaming myself for either not putting in enough efforts to make them work or worse still imagining my problems as hopelessly beyond the reach of therapies !!.

Within the very first few sessions from Ashwini, I realized that this time it is different. The changes were happening without active effort or deep thinking from me. It was like as if the body and mind were aligning and doing their own self corrections with no interference from me. The EFT sessions have been like a springboard for me to handle life with more ease and hope. I’m a very analytical person by nature but I cannot explain how the changes happen . For me , it is like support coming directly from Universe.

Besides what ever wonders the EFT therapy may itself carry, Ashwini has been par excellence as a therapist, showing maturity beyond her years to gently guide and nudge without being judgemental or hurrying through the process

Aruna Reddy
Head, Indium Learning Academy
Indium Software Pvt. Limited

Aruna Reddy | September 11, 2022
Ashwini Vijay Kumar | June 25, 2022

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